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ConfMgr? is a tool used to manage easily config files for a bunch of hosts.


The goal is to provide a simple way of merging different files, without removing differences between hosts.

This is done through a concept of categories : host A belongs to cats C1, C2 and C4 ; cat C1 requires file F1, C2 files F21 and F22, and C4 files F41 F42 and F43. On that host, all those files will be used.

Within a file, special commands? can be used to include or exclude some lines of the file depending on the categories the current host belongs to.


A few hints and elements of documentation can be found here :

  • Doc -- ConfMgr? documentation
  • Running confmgr --help
  • Reading the source code...
  • TracGuide -- Documentation for using Trac (this site)


This is the site for reporting any bugs you might find.

Currently open bugs are :

Ticket Status Version Summary Owner Reporter
#1 assigned Add support for easily renaming / removing files xelnor
#2 new Handle the importation of symlinks xelnor
#3 new Implement a "force" option to build xelnor
#4 new Add action "ini_merge" for merging ini-style files xelnor
#5 new Add "run" option to test actions xelnor
#6 new Add support for "skipping" lines xelnor
#7 accepted Add option for simple export xelnor xelnor
#8 new Add config option to select command for diff xelnor