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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#2 Handle the importation of symlinks new defect major confmgr-0.1
#3 Implement a "force" option to build new defect major confmgr-0.1
#7 Add option for simple export accepted xelnor enhancement major confmgr-0.2
#8 Add config option to select command for diff new enhancement major confmgr-0.2
#1 Add support for easily renaming / removing files assigned enhancement minor confmgr-0.2
#4 Add action "ini_merge" for merging ini-style files new enhancement minor confmgr-0.2
#5 Add "run" option to test actions new enhancement minor confmgr-0.2
#6 Add support for "skipping" lines new enhancement minor confmgr-0.1
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